Louise Hervé and Chloé Maillet | 29 Sep

maillet_herve_ingenieure 2014 (1)
“The engineer who was transporting rocks”, performance, Sainte Nazaire (France), Le grand café, 2014. Courtesy Louise Hervé and Chloé Maillet.

Louise Hervé and Chloé Maillet form the International Institute for Important Items [I.I.I.I], a semi-fictional organization formed between the duo in 2001 on the anniversary of the French Revolution. Both born in 1981 in France, and now living in Paris, the duo explore multifarious subjects in their work, which concerns science fiction, time travel, historical reconstruction and the progress of human potential. They produce performances, genre movies and installations, moving between the roles of amateur geologists, tour guides, and time travelers. Through their work, Chloé and Louise lead the viewer through various impossible possibilities, off-planet potentials, speculative methodologies and a science of imaginary solutions.
Text courtesy of Rhubaba Gallery. 

There will be a screening of Chloé and Louise’s work followed by a Q&A at Filmhouse on the 29th September 2017 at 18:10. For more information see filmhousecinema.com or rhubaba.org