John Russell | 03 Nov


Formerly a member (and founder) of the subversive London art collective BANK (whose antics included faxing galleries “corrected” versions of their own press releases back to them), John Russell is now Professor in Fine Art at the University of Reading and is Director of Research for Art. His research interests are: “Affect. Affirmation. Figurality. Event. Art/politics. Art/philosophy. Art/language. Class. Performativity. Fiction/fictioning. Visualisation. Digital media. Philosophy. Bad philosophy. Printed matter. Staging”

Recent solo shows include Doggo at Kunsthalle, Zurich 2017; “SQRRL” at Bridget Donahue Gallery, New York 2016, Jexus at MOTINTERNATIONAL, Brussels 2012; Angel of History: I can see for miles at Focal Point Gallery, Southend 2011; and Ocean Pose at Matts Gallery, London.