Alex Dordoy | 10 Nov

Folded, unfolded, sunk and scanned no. 36 (2012)

Alex Dordoy (1985, Newcastle) received his BA in painting and printmaking at Glasgow School of Art in 2007. He completed a two year residency at Ateliers, Amsterdam in 2009, and currently lives in London. Dory works across a range of media to explore a central characteristic of twenty-first century visual culture: the restlessness of the image, and the instability of the surfaces on which it manifests. While his sculptures, paintings, and silicon ‘skins’ are preoccupied with their own materiality – their unique and bounded ‘thingliness’ – they are also deeply porous. Poised between representation and abstraction, the organic and the digital, his work appears pollinated, even infected, by stray data.

Recent solo exhibitions include The Moss is Dreaming, curated by Tom Morton, BlainSouthern, London (2017); From Svalbard Soil, The Modern Institute, Glasgow (2017); Sleepwalker, Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag (2014); and persistancebeatsresistance, Inverleith House, Edinburgh (2014).